HellCat 360 4-Stroke Paramotor

The first production of the famous HellCat 360 Paramotor was introduced on December 14th, 2010.  This was the first ever 4-stroke Paramotor and was specifically designed for aviation.  It was a challenge to design a 4-stroke motor which fell under the weight guidelines to qualify as a Powered Paraglider, rather than a Powered Parachute.  BlackHawk Paramotors USA obviously accomplished this task.  The HellCat was named after the Gruman Hell Cat airplane, which battled the Japanese Zero planes in the Pacific during World War II.  The Hell Cat plane was well-known for it’s power, amazing agility, and extremely durable design.  Throughout the years, the BlackHawk HellCat 360 Paramotor has become worthy of it’s name!

The HellCat 360 Paramotor features everything you would expect from a 4-stroke motor:  Extreme power, unmatched durability, low-noise, and amazing fuel mileage.  To add to it, the HellCat 360 Paramotor is extremely light-weight for a 4-stroke machine!  Powered by a 360cc, twin cylinder motor with 4 valve heads, the HellCat is one of a kind.  Water and oil cooling allow for low-temp performance and long engine life.  The motor it’s self weighs in at only 69.5 lbs, including the radiator, re-drive assembly, exhaust system, and the 24 volt Ni Cad battery.  That’s over 70 lbs. less than the weight of a complete generator-based engine!  Nothing on the market even comes close to the HellCat 360 Paramotor, and it’s earned the reputation as the Ferrari of the Powered Paragliding world.

Got power? Oh yes it does!  With 35 honest HP at 7,800 rpm, this is the most powerful motor you will find in the Powered Paragliding industry. Thrust tests have put the HellCat 360 Paramotor into the 200lb range.  That ensures that even the heaviest pilot or tandem flights aren’t a challenge for the HellCat.  This Paramotor comes standard with a 2-blade Power Fin Prop.  This can be easily upgraded to a 3-blade Power Fin Prop.  Simply contact us for details when ordering.

The complete HellCat 360 Paramotor Package includes:  The industry-leading LowBoy II Quad, a Velocity Edge Paraglider, an auxiliary fuel tank, a 2-blade Power Fin Prop, the durable Rhino XXLT Cage, line guides, A-assists for easy inflation, and Billet Aluminum Hang Points.  All this for $14,995!  The price includes our industry-leading BlackHawk warranty, and all the goodies provided in our other package deals!

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BlackHawk HellCat 360 Paramotor Specs:

Engine:  Hell Cat 360

HP:  36hp

Max RPM:  7500rpm

Reduction:  Belt Driven

Reduction Type:  Direct Drive

Propeller:  53″

Blade Type:  2 or 3 Blade

Thrust:  220+ Lbs

Climb  Rate:  600+ fpm

Start Method:  Electric Start

Fuel Tank:  5 Gallons

Flight Time:  5+ hrs

Frame Type:  Rhino XLT Cage

Max Pilot Weight:  700 Lbs

Bore:  64 mm

Stroke:  58 mm

Engine Weight:  69.5 Pounds

Displacement:  360 cc

Rotation:  Counter-Clockwise

Starter:  Electric Starter

Max Brake Output:  35 HP @ 7450 RPM

Permissible Max RPM:  7800 RPM

Carburetor:  Dual

Reduction Ratio’s Available:  2.5 to 1


“Everything You Need to Fly” HellCat 360 4-Stroke Paramotor Package Deal:


BlackHawk Powered Paraglider Warranty:

Each and every item that makes up a BlackHawk Powered Paraglider is fully Warranted 100% for two years to the original purchaser from the date of original purchase of any factory defects (engine carries a manufacture 6 month warranty). The following items are included in this warranty: cage, couplers, rods, frame, gas tank, harness, carabineers, throttle, motor mounts and motor mount plates. This warranty excludes any and all items that are damaged by the Pilot in launching, landing, flying or transporting or misuse of said BlackHawk Powered Paraglider. The BlackHawk 90, 125, Talon 175, MZ313, Rocket 313 and Hellcat 360 engines carry a 6 month Manufacturers warranty against factory defects from the original date of purchase. All engines are subject to the manufactures warranty and conditions Warranties are not transferable to anyone other than the original purchaser. Please contact BlackHawk for Manufacturers warranty conditions or claims. Not included under our warranty are any type of engine seizures caused by improper carburetor tuning, adjustment or failure to properly follow the manufacturers maintenance instructions. 

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