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Customer Testimonial

From the very first time I met Mike, I saw his dedication to this sport.  His knowledge is vast, and he very generously shares it with us all.  He taught me much and gave me the confidence I needed to get started in this sport.  As a happy new pilot, I can absolutely recommend him for training.


Bjarne Sorensen - Port Byron, IL

Customer Testimonial

My brother and I came from Denver Colorado to Mike Mixers’ Blackhawk Training Center in Illinois and found the training very valuable.  Mike and his team are excellent trainers and prepared us well for flying on our own.  The training grounds were clean and laid-out with plenty of room for practice and safe-landings.  In addition, the Blackhawk equipment packages we purchased (Edge wings, with Kestrel Pro and 125 engines) were just what we needed.  We have been flying in Denver one year now and are very happy with our training and Blackhawk equipment.


Adrian Martin - City of Aurora

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