Velocity Nitro Paraglider

Velocity Nitro Paraglider From Discover Powered Paragliding:

The Velocity Nitro paraglider takes flight to a whole new level! This one-of-a-kind Paraglider features Reflex Technology and is the most advanced glider Discover Powered Paragliding has to offer. Velocity Paragliders first entered the world of ultra high-performance XC Paragliding when the Recon was released. After many years of the Recon being a top-seller around the world, Velocity Paragliders took their next big leap by introducing the Nitro! Valuable input from Velocity Team Pilots and the utilization of the industry’s latest technology aided in the creation of this next-generation Paragliding phenomenon. The new Velocity Nitro has a sleek high-aspect-ratio for unmatched efficiency and agility. The use of the latest Reflex Technology provides handling like that of a race car. The unique “flat profile” design allows pilots to achieve unbelievable speeds, while maintaining maximum stabilization. Only the most modern and durable materials were used in designing the Nitro. Recently-added DuPont Delrin (acetal polyoxymethylene) battens increased overall strength and reduced the weight of the glider. The Nitro features advanced “tip-steering” toggles for a broader range of control. Tip-steering allows for precise handling in a variety of flight conditions. If you are looking for the best quality, best value, and the highest performance in a new Paraglider, the Velocity Nitro is for you! Please note that the Velocity Nitro is an intermediate/advanced glider and is only recommended for experienced pilots (NOT BEGINNERS). If you have any questions about this amazing Paraglider, please visit our contact page to talk to an expert.










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Velocity Nitro Paraglider Features:

  • Velocity’s Anti-Torque Technology (loop-within-a-loop)
  • Two more cells than the Velocity Recon
  • Newly added DuPont Delrin (acetal polyoxymethylene) battens
  • 6.2 high efficiency aspect ratio
  • 64 cells for tight shape control
  • Ultra-lite 12 lbs total glider weight
  • 42mph full accelerator, 33mph trim fast, 27mph basic, 14mph minimum
  • 16 closed cells (9 per side), 46 open cells
  • High performance design for XC flight
  • Split As for big ears
  • Reduction accelerator system, providing longer accelerator pull from a shorter movement
  • Quick Reflex Release Safety System (QRRS)
  • 3.25″ trim system, 7.5″ accelerator system
  • Upper surface: Dominico 40g
  • Under surface: Porcher Skytex 27









Weight Range (lbs)

91lbs – 118lbs

129lbs – 162lbs

158lbs – 195lbs

177lbs – 217lbs

196lbs – 239lbs

215lbs – 261lbs

243lbs – 294lbs

Weight Ranch (Kg)

41kg – 54kg

59kg – 73kg

72kg – 89kg

80kg – 98kg

89kg – 109kg

98kg – 118kg

110kg – 133kg

20, 22, 25, 27


29, 31, 34


  • Speed Bar
  • Stuff Sack
  • Operation and Care Manual
  • Velocity Paragliders USA’s commitment to the Highest Quality, Performance, and Customer Satisfaction in the Paragliding/Paramotor World


Velocity Nitro Photo Gallery:

NEW Paraglider Repair Kit Included:


Velocity Paragliders now include a NEW Paraglider line & patch kit! Included in this repair kit are large high-quality patches which match your specific Paraglider! This kit is included IN ADDITION to BlackHawk’s basic field-repair kit (included in all Paramotor Package Deals). This heavier-duty kit is perfect for long-term repairs. The new kit also comes with (2) additional lines for quick & easy line repairs if needed. NOTE: Always make sure your Paraglider is thoroughly inspected by a Certified Flight Instructor before AND after any repairs are made. Certified Flight Instructors or Authorized Dealers can determine if the glider is in perfect working order, and/or help make arrangements to repair the glider professionally if needed.

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