Velocity Paragliders Reserve Chute

Velocity Paragliders USA has NEW Reserve Parachutes!

Not only are these Velocity Reserve Parachutes hundreds of dollars less than any competitor’s equivalent, they are paramount for a pilots safety.  Flying without a reserve chute is like driving a car without an airbag.  You will most likely never use it, but it’s there to save your life in a bad situation.  We offer Velocity Reserve Chutes in a variety of sizes to accommodate any machine or pilot weight.  Tandem Reserve Chutes are also available.

Velocity Reserve Chutes Feature:

  • Constructed with tough Dominico 2RS Material
  • Ultra-lightweight!
  • Apex-style canopy
  • Larger sizes for a slow & safe descent
  • Easily mounts to any BlackHawk Paramotor
  • Can be front-mounted as well if the pilot desires
  • Inspection window to ensure pins are intact
  • Velcro top for attaching GPS or other accessory
  • Rugged reserve bridal
  • Easy to see and access deployment handle
  • Costs hundreds less than competitor’s equivalent


MAX Total Weight of Pilot + Machine:

L:  253 lbs.

XL:  297 lbs.

XXL:  341 lbs.

Tandem:  462 lbs.



Large:  27.3

X-Large:  30.4

XX-Large:  33.4

Tandem:  60

Large:  $675

X-Large:  $675

XX-Large:  $675

Tandem:  $825

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